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Acute Immune Response 1 oz

Acute Immune Response 1 oz

Spilanthes(Acmella oleracea-asteraceae), Echinacea(E. purpurea-asteraceae), Elderberry(Sambucus cerulea-adoxaceae), Ginger(Zingiber officinale- zingiberaceae), Garlic(Allium sativum- Alliaceae)

This blend helps to ward off sickness when the very first symptoms start to show up. The Key to success is taking it every couple hours during this time. Even if sickness takes hold, these herbs will still help to lessen the severity and length of a cold or flu. This tincture will tingle the tongue(Echinacea & Spilanthes) so take in water!

Contraindication/Caution: Use caution if you have an auto-immune condition, due to the immune stimulation. Garlic and Ginger have been known to increase heartburn in some folks.
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    Contains:Organic dried Idaho grown Spilanthes flower, organic dried Echinacea root, Idaho wildcrafted Blue Elderberries, organic Idaho grown fresh Garlic, organic Ginger root, organic grain alcohol, water.
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