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Elderberry 1 oz

Elderberry 1 oz

Elderberry- Sambucus cerulea (Adoxaceae)

A delicious, rich berry with many medicinal qualities. Used to support the immune system and fight illness. Elder has an affinity toward the respiratory system. It soothes a lingering cough and contains anti-viral/bacterial properties. It is used for everything from asthma to urinary tract infections. The dark colored berries are rich in anti-oxidants. We also make a tasty syrup- see our other products page!

Contraindication/Caution: This is a safe herb with no specific cautions, but as always check with your doctor before use of herbal tinctures if you are on any medications.
  • Details

    Contains: Idaho wildcrafted Blue Elderberries, organic grain alcohol, water. (1:2)
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