Feverfew 1 oz

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FEVERFEW   (Tanacetum parthenium- Asteraceae)
This herb is an anti-histamine, great for allergies. It is also anti-inflammatory, used for general inflammation and commonly for arthritis. It also acts as a blood thinner, and can replace aspirin to help reduce heart attack or stroke-combine with ginger or garlic. Used acutely for pain and headaches. One of the only herbal remedies for migraines, taken as a tonic. Helps bring on slow or sluggish menstrual cycles and eases PMS. Also used for tinnitis and dizziness. Take 1-3 squirts 3xday.
Contraindication/caution:Don’t mix with pharmaceutical blood thinners and talk to doctor before using feverfew in this way. OK to use with baby aspirin. Don’t use during pregnancy, or before/after surgery. May increase bleeding and shorten cycle- use caution with heavy menstrual cycles.
.*Always consult with your doctor before attempting to use herbs to treat a serious health condition..We are plant people, not doctors.

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