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St. John's Wort 1 oz

St. John's Wort 1 oz

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Organic St. John’s Wort-Hypericum perforatum (Hypericaceae)

This herb is widely used and studied. It has many anti-viral properties, although it’s not effective on the virus that causes the common cold. SJW can be used for nerve and muscle pain. many find it helps their sciatica .It is also known for its effect on depression and anxiety, especially the winter blues or mood swings brought on by hormones. Best taken for at least one month to get these results. It is also a traditional liver tonic.

Contraindications/Caution: If you are on any pharmaceutical medications consult with your doctor before using SJW. Do not take this herb if you are on heart medications, anti-viral meds associated with AIDS or immunosuppressives. SJW can be used in conjunction with antidepressants while tapering off if monitored by your health care provider.
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    Contains: Organic dried St. John's Wort, organic grain alcohol, water.
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